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Football Preview

Football is the most exciting season of the school year for many people. Players get the adrenaline rush of playing the game, the students get to go have fun with their friends on Friday nights, and even the teachers take pride in the school when they go support at the games. The team is just getting started with their training

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Every school year brings new changes, and this one is no different. Greenwood High School is introducing QUEST, a class offered to juniors and seniors. QUEST, one of the newest classes offered, helps Special Education students interact with other students on a regular basis. The program pairs a Special Education student with another student, and together they socialize with new

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All I was thinking about was if this needle was going to hurt. For my birthday, I was surprised with a very special gift. My mom told me to go with her because we had to go somewhere. Getting a tattoo was the last thing on my mind that day. I would have never thought I was going to get

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Metal Detectors

With the rise in school shootings and vaping use, the school must respond with an increase in safety precautions which includes four new metal detector wands and a new school entrance. The metal detectors — provided free to the school — should cause vaping at school to decrease. Each school received one metal detector for every 250 students. “With these

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