Why Marvel is overrated

The Marvel movie enterprise is one of the most popular kinds of movies there is today. It is respected and loved by all ages and one of the most overrated in my humble opinion.

It seems like there is a new one every week, and I have taken the time to watch a few. They have never amazed me, and I do not know if they ever will. Since I was young, the phenomenon of super heroes has not been my cup of tea. The idea of a super hero is just incredibly unrealistic. These movies are about humans who do amazing things that would never be possible, and people are mesmerized by them. Why do we obsess over these characters when there are people who actually do incredible things every day?

Another thing I strongly dislike about these movies are the repetitiveness. How many movies could possibly be made about Spiderman or Thor or the multitude of other characters? Do people not get tired of these repetitive storylines? If I did not enjoy the first Thor movie, why would I want to watch multiple sequels? To me, these movies do not have compelling plots to begin with. The thought of watching men in tights fight for 90 minutes is something I do not want to pay to do.

Why do not they work with the police or government? They have to act like they are normal people, but in reality, they can stop a train. I can see why some people like them. They have easy storylines to follow, lots of action and excitement. Movies with real characters, themes and plots will take the cake over a Marvel movie any day.

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