Spanish foreign language trip to Europe

It can be intimidating, but there are ways to make a first time abroad easier.The Foreign Language Department organized a trip to Europe this Spring that included Spain, Rome and Italy for seven days.

Miss Neiswanger, Spanish teacher, took 3 students to explore these countries.

“ It was my first time getting to go out of the country, and I was kind of scared to go because I did not know what to expect, but my parents convinced me, and I do not regret going,” sophomore Wendy Moreno said.

Some students were ready to travel once more, but this time without family members going too..

“I wasn’t scared to be in another country just because I have traveled many times both with and without my parents, but it was a bit intimidating just to think how far I was going to be from home,” senior Trinity Hancock said.

Even though many students went on the Europe trip, there was only one upperclassman that went this year.

“I truly didn’t even notice that I was the oldest of my peers who went. Wendy Moreno was my roommate the entire time, and she was wonderful. As far as the rest of the group, the youngest was Senora Neiswanger’s son, but he definitely didn’t act like a typical middle schooler so I didn’t mind at all,” Hancock said.

The trip did not consist of relaxing at the beach.

“We typically woke up at 7 a.m., had breakfast at the hotel, then went downtown and walked there or took a bus since we had main a guy who drove us, hiked to places, and had an hour of break for lunch. On one of those days, we combined with a group from New York since they brought a small group, but we all would go to see more places and then come back altogether to have dinner,” Moreno said.

Along with new discoveries came a little culture shock, and for some, it really affected their taste buds.

“Italy had pasta, but I realized it was so different and was not similar to the pasta that I was used to eating. It tasted a lot better, too. Even the payeyas that I am familiar with were in Portugal, but they were made differently and tasted better,” Moreno said.

For some students, sights will forever be engraved in their minds because of how different it looks up close.

“My favorite place that I saw was a church in Barcelona called The Sagrada Familia, and it was really beautiful because there is nothing like that built in the United States. When the light shines through the glass stained windows, it reflected a lot of pretty colors, and it really caught my attention when I saw it,” Moreno said.

Miss Neiswanger organizes international trips every two years, and students recommend it.

“I would recommend this trip to anyone that wants to travel because even our own bus driver named Bill was super nice. Also, even though we went with a teacher, it was, of course, an educational trip, but it was super fun to have Mrs. Neiswanger with us that it didn’t feel like a school-related trip after all,” Moreno said.

“ The trip to Europe is opened any student and the cost for it always varies but it is around $3,000 t0 $4,000 it includes everything from having a travel guide with us 24/7 and hotels that are close to the sites we want to visit. This year we went to countries around the Mediterranean Sea. I never take students to the same places as the previous years, I always try to switch it up,” Spanish teacher, Miss Neiswanger said.

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