Softball prepares to swing

The Lady Woodmen have been preparing to play against the Trojans tomorrow afternoon with high expectations.

“I am expecting the team to not really be too intimidated by them but play their hardest,” junior Dominique Proctor, shortstop, said. “Considering that we are playing against Center Grove, I expect everyone to try their hardest and for the team to perform well.”

Center Grove has a reputation of its parents and fans being loud and obnoxious.

“It’s just kind of annoying. They are loud and obnoxious, and it doesn’t really have an impact on how we play or the game but it is still just really annoying,” Rees said. “They all act like they had just won the World Series.”

Junior Aleah Rees, right fielder, is reminded of a time one of her teammates played extraordinary, that inspires her.

“One time Olivia was going for a fly ball and caught the ball; however, she ran into the fence,” she said. “So that lets me know that I can run into a fence and still catch the ball, so if I’m not going that hard I can go harder.”

Rees has high expectations of the outfielders.

“I’m expecting our outfielders to do really good as well as our pitchers doing really good,” she said. “You do pretty well when it comes to pitching if you know you have a good outfield team behind you.”

Proctor will be playing against two former teammates tomorrow afternoon.

“I will be playing against two girls that I currently play with on the travel league, Indy Crush, during the fall,” she said, “It won’t change the way that I play and will still give my all to the game.”

The Center Grove Invitational will be held at Columbus North starting at 12:30 p.m.

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