Sanders Family Kitchen fails to impress

I am a fan of independent, family-owned restaurants that make me feel comfortable and at home. I am not a fan of Sanders’ Family Kitchen, a new Greenwood restaurant.

I went in with high expectations of the diner. I expected a quiet, home-y restaurant with a similar feel to Bob Evans. I thought this kitchen would even have better service due to the vibe they were trying to put off. Unfortunately, the service was mediocre. I planned on trying some breakfast and some lunch food, so I ordered a turkey melt and pancakes.

When ordering chocolate chip pancakes, the waitress sarcastically asked “How old are you again?” As a person that works in customer service almost every day after school, this was actually shocking. It does not matter what the customer orders; the responsibility of the server is to try to fulfill the request as politely and accurately as possible. This experience put a bad taste in my mouth for the rest of the meal. Even though I kept my mouth closed about this comment, we only saw our waiter again for our food and the check.

Looking around, the environment was underwhelming. The walls are painted a bright orange, reminding me of a Mexican restaurant. There were barely any decorations in the restaurant, and it felt bare. Pairing this with the six other customers all over the age of 60 and The Price Is Right absolutely blaring over a corner television, I felt out of place. This restaurant is designed with seniors in mind.

The food was not incredible. My pancakes were good enough; they were thick, and the syrup was very sweet. The turkey melt, however, was a major let down. Even though the cheese was melted, the turkey was still cold, and the toast was extremely crunchy. I would eat the pancakes again, but that is it.

Overall, I was let down. I would rather go to Bob Evans where the waitresses are sweet and the food is prepared correctly. I would give Sanders’ a 5 out of 10.

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