O’Reillys provides perfect experience

When anyone imagines an Irish experience, they have to picture red hair, leprechauns and beer. On the south side of Indianapolis, there are many quality and unique places to eat, and one of those places is O’Reilly’s Irish Bar & Restaurant.

Going in, I was truly looking to experience authentic Irish food. I decided to do some research on what real Irish food was and what I should be looking for. I sat down and found there was a section on the menu that said “Traditional Irish foods.” I browsed this and saw many things that interested me, so I naturally went with the cheapest option. It was a bowl of Traditional Irish Stew.

As I waited on my food, I noticed that O’Reilly’s is a very big restaurant and has a great environment. People obviously came to enjoy the bar area and the atmosphere of sports and entertainment. Soon, my stew arrived. It had a dark color, and at first, I was completely unsure of what was in it. I realized it was beef, potatoes and a slew of other vegetables. Although a very simple concoction, I found it good. The beef has a resemblance to beef jerky in terms of flavor, and this was a very big bowl of stew for the price. The bowl came with two pieces of crispy and buttered bread that was very enjoyable for such a small part of the meal. I would compare this stew to an typical beef stew, and if that is what you are looking for it would be a good choice.

All around, it was a very enjoyable experience. I enjoyed the food and the atmosphere of the restaurant as a whole. If I were looking for a place to enjoy the company of friends and have delicious food, O’Reilly’s would be one of my top choices. The space is very big and perfect to mingle and meet people. Many patrons took part in a game of pool, which I would have been able to do if I had any clue how on earth to play pool.


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