Marvel is not overrated

It is no secret that superhero universes are dominating the industry, and it is also no secret which universe is leading the revolution.

Decades ago, a young Stan Lee dreamt up a comic book universe that he began co-creating in the early 60’s and has now made a seamless transition from pages of a book to the big screen. Since its launch in 2008, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has grossed $17.5 billion and is not done yet.

We are living in a golden age of comic book movies with new characters making their debut yearly; however, only Marvel has depicted every one of their characters perfectly. Each character in the Marvel Universe is not only cast well but portrayed as lovable and relatable.

Marvel has created a perfect cocktail of intense battle scenes and light-hearted humor. In every Marvel movie, the creators put viewers on the edge of their seats one minute and laughing out of them the next. They also show that the superheroes are more than their strengths; they are real people with real lives. The writers of Marvel take fans on a rollercoaster of emotions, which is not common in other superhero universes.

Not only do the Marvel writers outdo themselves, but the special-effect team does too. In order to make a universe seem real, it must look believable, and Marvel does just that. In every movie, everything looks real even though the majority is made with a computer. The intense battle scenes in space look like they were actually filmed there, and the aliens do not simply look like people in makeup.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has a huge following for good reason. Unlike many action movies, every Marvel movie is the type of film that can be watched over and over again without tire. Marvel is definitely not overrated because the creators constantly outdo themselves and are always working on a new project.

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