Isom gets New Principal

Isom will welcome new principal, Julie Young, next year

Ms. Young has been in education for 23 years.

“I have been a special education, 4th grade, 1st grade and reading recovery teacher,” she said, “I have been a K-5 instructional and literacy coach. In addition, I have been a dean of students at a high school.”

Mrs. Sandra Wooton is ready to retire.

“I have been teaching since 1982,” Mrs. Wooton said, “I’ve gotten to the age of retirement, and I’m so glad that I get to finish my career at Isom. It is certainly hard to say goodbye.”

Parents were able to meet the new principal yesterday.

“Theres been a real effort for the community,” Mrs. Wooton said, “to see us both working together as the transition takes place.”

Until she starts next year, the soon-to-be principal will visit the school often and will make sure to stay connected with the community. The new principal was also featured on the school announcements, giving students another chance to get used to seeing her in the school. The new principal was at Isom’s parent Title 1 Night on April 11th. She was also at Kindergarten Registration on April 17th.

“On February 27, I was introduced on Isom’s morning announcements, and parents could watch it live,” Ms. Young said.

The retiring principal gave insight as to how the new leadership will change and shape Isom.

“Some things are going to change as a result of the new leadership,” Mrs. Wooton said, “and there is an expectation from the community and staff that every child counts and is important. Hopefully, she’ll be able to continue the commitment of being welcoming and ensuring all students are cared for and feel like they belong as well as keeping up with the academic rigor.”

Districts all have different rules regulations and kids, but Ms. Young knows the end goal is always the same.

“Each district has different approaches and sometimes different programming but they all have the same end goal.” Ms. Young said.

The incoming principal loves to teach and inspire young minds.

“I just to know that I’m helping and making a difference and an impact in their lives,” Ms. Young said, “I love to see that light bulb come on in their heads when they can see it and apply it.”

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