Greenwood goes to Victory Field

On April 26th, the baseball team will go up against Guerin Catholic at the Victory Field Classic in downtown Indianapolis.

The team has yet to play on the professional field.

Coach Andy Bass said, “This team hasn’t been, but we played there in 2013.”

Despite never having been on the field, junior Sam Bass, second baseman, is beyond excited for the game.

“I am very excited. I have grown up going to games at Victory Field, and now I have the chance to play there,” Bass said. “So many great MLB players have played on that field, and now me and my teammates get to play there under the lights. It’s going to be awesome.”

Bass saw the team play there when he was in the fifth grade.

He said, “I went to the game, and it was so cool because I got to watch all the players I looked up to play and watch my dad coach on a major league field.”

The game is open to the public.

“The cost of admission is $5, and we hope for a large crowd,” Coach Bass said. “Being Friday night will hopefully help get people downtown if it’s a nice night.”

One player, Alex Wise, hopes to see plenty of people there.

“I have no input on who is going to show up but anyone who wants to show up is more than welcome to.” Wise said.

One player in particular, senior Alex Wise, is excited for the game.

“I’m definitely excited because we get to compete at a larger venue” Wise said.

The team they are playing, Guerin Catholic, has not been on their schedule.

“They aren’t usually on our schedule so I have never played them before,” Bass said. “They are a good team so it will be a lot of fun to play against them on such a nice field in a nice stadium.”

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