Flex period story

Flex period is the result of increasing student failures. Is it going to help them?

The flex period will hopefully keep power hour alive. It is a ten minute period before PowerHour designed to get students to go to their required PowerHours.

“I think that the power hour change is good because it will hopefully keep power hour a thing and help not getting it remove, which really helps out a lot of students, especially those who are in sports or who do extra curriculum,” junior Charlie Scott said.

The change should open students’ eyes to help them focus.

“I really hope this opens students’ eyes about what PowerHour is meant to be for: for learning, keeping your grades up, kids who do this tend to use it every day not just one day or the other. They continue doing it and keeping their grades in check,” Scott said.

Students will have to start focusing better because there is not much choice.

“I think that students will be forced to change their bad habits because they will be forced to sit in a classroom they don’t have much choice, so they can either do something about it or just let things happen,” sophomore Cameron Ford said.

The PowerHour change is a neutral change: not for the best and not for the worst.

“I think that that change is neutral. On one hand, you’ll have kids who still won’t do work, and they might slack off, but it does force kids to be in a classroom so they might just do their work and not slack off. It just depends,” freshman Luciano Robbins said.

Flex period will help organize where kids are.

“I think that it will help organize the system a little bit better considering kids are now assigned classrooms and will be forced to go there, and maybe their work habits will be a little better. So the grade average will probably go up with all the kids in classrooms,” Robbins said.

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