Students get ready for prom

April brings the promise of spring showers, big dresses and expensive suits. It is prom season, and this year is going to include some changes.

The Prom theme is rustic romance, and Student Council members are excited to change it up.

“I think this year’s Prom is going to be a little bit fancier than last year’s. The theme’s a little bit different. This year everything’s pretty much different. Different decorations, different theme, different Prom favors and different crowns,” junior Katrina Stanger said.

Stanger is the junior class treasurer. She and other members of her class have been meeting with faculty to plan Prom.

“It’s a new facility in Franklin, and we’re the first Prom held there. There’s no dinner this year. That usually alternates every other year; we try to do that. That’s not abnormal that we’re not doing a dinner this year,” Mrs. Erin Swisher, Prom coordinator, said.

Not including dinner this year caused some complications in the planning process.

“We were just trying to come with different places to go that typically do not require a food minimum. And then since we moved to a Saturday, that’s huge to find a place that doesn’t require a food minimum. We have to spend $15,000– $20,000 dollars just to use their facility on a Saturday night, so a lot of people don’t understand that we just can’t pick a venue and go there,” Mrs. Swisher said.

Regardless of this, she said planning this year has gone very smoothly. Stanger agreed.

“Planning has gone really good. We started planning two months ago, so around three months before Prom. We’ve been meeting and discussing, and I think we’ve all pretty much agreed on everything. I think it’s going to be really good this year,” Stanger said.

She added that students can expect a vintage, elegant night and hopes that students will have a good time this year. For students like junior Riley Weber, who has attended Greenwood’s Prom every year since her freshman year, this year’s Prom will be compared to others in the past.

“I really liked where we were at last year. I thought it was really pretty, and they had this big curtain that was set up. I thought that was really cool. I’m excited for this year because the theme sounds fun and it seems like everyone really wants this year’s Prom to be great. No matter what, it’s still going to be a fun night to hang out with my friends,” Weber said.

Prom is on Saturday, April 27, at The Garment Factory from 7:30-11 p.m.

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