Staffer Tries Chess and Gaming Club

Going bankrupt, getting mauled by werewolves, and activating trap cards are normal at Chess and Gaming Club meetings, something I never would have imagined before I first tried it.

As a person who enjoys playing board games and cards with my friends and family, I do not know why I did not participate in the club sooner. I walked into Mr. Cruze’s room with everyone else and did not really have an idea of what would happen from there. Some kids started playing card games while the majority of the group sat around a bunch of desks and decided what to play from the mammoth collection of card games and board games that Mr. Cruze has available.

The majority decided on a game called Werewolf, a party type of game very similar to Town of Salem or Mafia. Each player takes a role without the other players knowing, and the villagers or townspeople have certain roles they can perform at night and the townspeople have to protect their village from the werewolves who decide to slay one person at night.

For the first game I played the role of a townsperson who went by Tanner and apparently lived a very depressing life. I could win the game if the other townspeople and I found out who the werewolves or cult members were or I could get a personal victory because of my role. Tanner is one of the few cards that can get a personal victory by completing a certain task; my task since I lived a depressing life was to get mauled by a werewolf or killed by the townspeople. Which was very easy considering the second night I was brutally mauled by a werewolf. The game ended kind of funny and in a somewhat complicated way that I still do not really understand; however, the other players did.

The second round of Werewolf had me playing the role of a townsperson again except this time I was a drunk. The role of the drunk was unique because after three nights I would “sober up” and remember my role. At that point, I could take the role of a dead person or take a role that the game moderator set aside for me. After the first couple of nights that were very tense, I “sobered up” and had chosen the role of Werewolf that the game moderator set aside for me. Other werewolves and I went on a rampage that night and were somewhat successful. We ended up losing, but it was still a fun experience.

The Chess and Gaming Club does not always play Werewolf; every meeting they change it up or everyone does their own thing. The club meets every Tuesday after school until 4 p.m.

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