Service Club to host Color Run

Tomorrow, members of the community will come together to run a mile and a half while having powdered color thrown at them.

This year, Service Club will be hosting a color run.

“Ours is a set amount of distance: the path that goes around Freedom Park,” Mrs. Lisa Laug, Service Club, said. “You get to different stations, and the people who are running the event will throw color at you. The point is to get messy; you’ll have a white shirt, so you’ll get plenty of color on it. It’s an opportunity to get out there, get some exercise, raise some money and have fun.”

Beyond the Color Run, there will be other activities runners can participate in on Saturday.

“Obviously, we will have the run, but there will also be games like soccer and cornhole and the basketball courts and playground will also be open,” sophomore Wendy Moreno, committee leader, said. “It will just be fun for students to come and see their friends.”

With this being the first year Service Club has hosted the event, planning was not easy.

“There is always a learning curve when you put on a new event,” Mrs. Laug said. “How do you request space at the park? What kinds of things do you have to have in place to make sure everyone is safe, like getting the liability waiver? Or even with purchasing color, how much color do you need to have? There are things you don’t know going in, but I think it’s been a really easy process; everyone involved, all of my officers and the people who are running the event, have been really motivated in doing what is expected of them.”

Behind-the-scenes, committee leaders and service club officers met often with their sponsor to put together this event.

“I’m not going to lie; in the beginning, it was stressful,” senior Ravneet Kaur, committee leader, said. “We didn’t know what to do, but the whole team worked together. The president and sponsor made the whole process feel at ease. We had things worked out and different goals which made it a lot easier knowing the different milestones we had to keep hitting. Overall, in the beginning it was stressful, but we really got it under our belt.”

Proceeds of the event will go to the Hope Center.

“They help women who are exiting sex trafficking get back into our community,” Mrs. Laug said. “They help provide not only mental health support but also job training and things that they need in order to get back on their feet after being in a really challenging situation.”

Not only is the color run an opportunity for the community to come together, but members of service club are happy that the money raised will go towards a good cause.

“I wanted to be a part of the planning because it’s a good opportunity to get involved in my community,” Moreno said. “Since all of the proceeds are going to the Hope Center, it’s amazing because there are a lot of problems with sex trafficking in the world. I was really happy that this event will help people who have dealt with that.”

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