Seniors prepare for graduation

Seniors, we graduate in one month.

From Capstones to caps and gowns, from college decisions to the last Prom, the end of senior year is busy. As we move into the last month of our high school careers — the last month we will all be together — it is important not to miss a big moment.

First, Prom is coming up; although many of us have been to Prom before, this is the last one — our last high school dance together. Dressing up, getting your nails done and taking photos can be fun, but it also easily can become overwhelming; stop to enjoy the moment. Look around you at the people you grew up with and the people you met along the way. Do not take it for granted because in a month, our paths will split.

If you have not had senior photos yet, it is not too late. Although finding a professional photographer this late in the game can be difficult, you can still get good quality photos from student photographers or even from a talented friend with an iPhone. You will only be a senior once; do not let the opportunity pass you by.

Graduation is coming. Soon we will be decked out in our caps and gowns, accepting our diplomas. Before May 24, try on your cap and gown. Decide what you will wear under your gown, what shoes you will wear and how you will style your hair with your cap. Additionally, think about who you want to hand you your diploma; it can be anyone in the Greenwood School Corporation. Who influenced you? Who made you laugh? Whose class was your favorite? Now is the time to thank that person.

Graduation is bitter-sweet. Although we have all had senioritis since our junior year and are itching for that diploma, we will be leaving our friends, family and teachers. Begin intentionally thanking those who influenced you and saying goodbye to those you will be parting ways with; an open house is a great way to do this. Invite anyone and everyone to celebrate your graduation and thank them for their support along the way.

If you are going to college, May 1 is looming in the not so distant future. Although there is a lot of pressure surrounding this date, National College Decision Day, it is also an exciting day. Once you have decided where you are going, put down your deposit. If you have not already, many colleges host admitted student days or weekends where you can get a better feel for campus, so be on the lookout for when your college is hosting theirs. Some colleges allow you to start registering for classes and housing. If you are staying on campus, you will soon find out your roommate. Once you do, reach out; you can even begin planning how you will decorate your dorm. Additionally, it is not too late to apply for scholarships. Many organizations offer scholarships with a deadline through August; you can also apply for scholarships when you are in college as well.

Before high school is over, get involved, whether that is going to one last game, participating in the Color Run or attending Post-Prom. We have one month left; how do you want to spend it?

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