Letterman jacket tradition carries on

The letterman jacket is a strong tradtion for generations of Woodmen.

Letterman jackets have always held a deep meaning to high school athletes.

“A letter jacketrepresents hard work, commitment and memories with your teamates and school spirit,” Mr. Adam Nuhfer class of  1991 said.

High school memories are treasured by most student athletes. Mr. Dom Battinau, class of 1993, sees the jacket as a symbol of his high school career.

“The letterman jacket in my mind means to me a symbol of the good ole’ days. I quote Andrew Benard Nard Dog, I wish there was a way to know you’re in the good ole days before you’ve actually left them,” Mr. Battinau said.

The jackets are also a way people in the community recognize student athletes and their successes.

“I like seeing our kids wearing our jackets. The more times they are wearing Greenwood gear the better,” Mr. Rob Irwin, athletic director, said.

The jackets have been evolving over the years.

“The old jackets lettering was a yellowish/orange, the new jackets are a true gold,” Mr. Battinau said.

Jackets have also become more personalized for athletes.

“The only change I’ve noticed is back in the day only the cheerleaders had their names on the back, and now pretty much everyone has it,” Mr. Nuhfer said.

Students can purchase  letterman jackets after they earn their first letters.

“Back in the old days athletic departments bought them, but they’re not cheap. It was bankrupting athletic departments. That’s why every school I’ve been at kids have to pay for them,” Mr. Irwin said.

Mr. Nuhfer reccomends students purchase letterman jackets to represent their high school careers.

“You’re only in high school once. It’s an oppertunity to show your pride in your school and your teams. It’s something you can look back on that will represent a lot of great memories. It’s something you’ll probably keep your entire life,” he said

The letterman jackets can be purchased at sports plus for $175 for a feamle, and $165 for a male.

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