Journalism headed to California to celebrate a year of success

A group of nine journalism students will be heading to Anaheim California next week to celebrate the successes of this year and plan for next year at the national convention.

Attending national conventions is a way for student journalists to grow. Ms. Denise Roberts, journalism teacher, works hard to provide her students with these opportunities.

“It is something that we have done since I started here in 1996. We have only missed one convention in all those years. That’s where we go to get new ideas and to see what’s out there,” Ms. Roberts said.

The journalism program as a whole has been achieving great things this year, and brought home awards from state in the fall.

“Our newspaper was named Number One in Division 2 for the state of Indiana. There are only three divisions, and we’re in the middle one which puts us in competition with some really big schools. We also won nine other awards for newspaper. Yearbook also won overall theme development,”she said.

Staffs are pushing themselves daily to up their game. The yearbook staff created hefty goals at the beginning of the year, and they  are following through.

“Yearbook this year is doing a lot of different things. The pages will be bigger, and we’re also adding pages. We are also adding video footage;it’s an app, and there will be a code you scan for pictures to come off the page and videos,” senior Caroline Marrot, editor-in cheif, said.

Along with creating more content, the staff also challenged themselves to raise the quality of their work by featuring every student in the yearbook at least two times.

“I am most proud of how hard everyone has tried to get everyone in the book. It can be pretty hard when the easier thing to do is to just go interview your friends;they’ve done a really nice job at getting people who wouldn’t ordinarily be in the book,” Marot said.

The newspaper staff also been stepped up their game, especially on the online front.

“Hannah Heilman has revolutionized how we’re tackling social media. Our social media presence is completely different than how it was last year,”Dillon Cloyd, editor-in cheif, said.

The newspaper also started the school’s first in-depth magazine.

“We added the Impact magazine, which is hopefully going to be around forever. It’s pretty neat when you’re able to start something and name it knowing that the name is going to continue. Just like Timberlines is in it’s 60-something year, we were able to do that with the magazine this year,” Ms. Roberts said.

The broadcast staff has also been working hard to overcome challenges and create impressive content.

“The big thing with broadcast is that they have done a great job dealing with technical issues. The fact that they still have produced every single day even without the setup we’re supposed to have is great. They’re even talking about adding podcasting for next year,” Ms. Roberts said.




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