Golf season starts off with a kick


This golf season will be an exciting one.

“I’m excited to play golf with my team. I’m really excited to play with my friends Eli and Braxton; they are pretty good friends and pretty good at golf.  This season will be a lot of fun with the players that I’m around, and I think the season will go well for are team,” freshman Jackson Watkins said.

The young team will play competitively this season with a lit passion to win against their opponents.

“We are a young team and a very competitive one at that, we lost most of our seniors so overall we are not an unexperienced team just a young one. We are most looking forward to playing Center Grove. They are pretty good at golf, and we playing the best we possibly can to improve our team overall. They are someone I definitely can’t wait to play and, hopefully, beat them,” Watkins said.

They will face some competitive teams.

“Since its high school season, I’m a lot more excited. We play a lot better teams. I’m just excited because it is high school, and I get to be playing with some good players, Jackson Watkins, Elijah Poe, Jacob and Aaron Rothaar. Us all together make up a pretty good team,” freshman Braxton Christie said.

Last year was rough, but they are about to bounce back.

“Last season was rough to start out because we lost our coach half way through the season. It took us as a team off our game a little bit. After Mrs. Runge took over, we started to come together as a team and playing our hardest. This year we have gained some good freshmen, and we have a solid team. With Mrs. Runge as the head coach and everyone working together there is nothing holding this year’s golf team back from doing amazing,” senior Jacob Rothaar said.

“I think they will do very well. Everyone on our golf team plays at a competitive level, so I think that us as a team will do very well all together this year. I don’t see why we would do badly at all,” Rothaar said.

The boys play the Quakers next at Plainfield on April 23 at 4 p.m.



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