Softball prepares to swing

The Lady Woodmen have been preparing to play against the Trojans tomorrow afternoon with high expectations. “I am expecting the team to not really be too intimidated by them but play their hardest,” junior Dominique Proctor, shortstop, said. “Considering that we are playing against Center Grove, I expect everyone to try their hardest and for… Continue reading Softball prepares to swing


Spanish foreign language trip to Europe

It can be intimidating, but there are ways to make a first time abroad easier.The Foreign Language Department organized a trip to Europe this Spring that included Spain, Rome and Italy for seven days. Miss Neiswanger, Spanish teacher, took 3 students to explore these countries. “ It was my first time getting to go out… Continue reading Spanish foreign language trip to Europe


Sanders Family Kitchen fails to impress

I am a fan of independent, family-owned restaurants that make me feel comfortable and at home. I am not a fan of Sanders’ Family Kitchen, a new Greenwood restaurant. I went in with high expectations of the diner. I expected a quiet, home-y restaurant with a similar feel to Bob Evans. I thought this kitchen… Continue reading Sanders Family Kitchen fails to impress


Greenwood goes to Victory Field

On April 26th, the baseball team will go up against Guerin Catholic at the Victory Field Classic in downtown Indianapolis. The team has yet to play on the professional field. Coach Andy Bass said, “This team hasn’t been, but we played there in 2013.” Despite never having been on the field, junior Sam Bass, second… Continue reading Greenwood goes to Victory Field


Make finals great again

The finals schedule is not working. In previous years, a finals day consisted of an extended morning study session, final 1, 20-minute classes for upcoming finals, and then final two to finish the school day. Recently, the administration has chosen to use our late arrival days for ISTEP instead of finals. This is understandable due… Continue reading Make finals great again


O’Reillys provides perfect experience

When anyone imagines an Irish experience, they have to picture red hair, leprechauns and beer. On the south side of Indianapolis, there are many quality and unique places to eat, and one of those places is O’Reilly’s Irish Bar & Restaurant. Going in, I was truly looking to experience authentic Irish food. I decided to… Continue reading O’Reillys provides perfect experience