Uncle Bill’s gets an upgrade

It already smells like an Uncle Bill’s.

Uncle Bill’s recently moved to a new building. It kept the same feel: noisy birds, nice associates and fun dogs.  I recently visited the updated site and was not disappointed.

The building itself is much more spacious than its former home. It seems as though they are not fully transitioned to the new store because in some spaces, it was barren and empty. It looked like they needed to bring more merchandise to the floor. I am sure they will begin to fill these spaces.

As soon as I entered, I went straight to the puppies. They did add a new playpen for visitors to use when playing with the pups. This was needed as many people will come to the store simply to play with the dogs. The worker assisting me was friendly, and did not make me feel bad for playing with the dog with no intention of actually buying him. After I spent some time with little Oliver, I went to the new aquatic/reptile area. They have cool lights behind the fish tanks that make everything around them bright blue. There are two full walls of fish tanks. If I thought fish were useful pets, I would have enjoyed this.

Overall, I felt the update was needed. The old store was crowded and dirty. The new location is much nicer, even it if is missing the colorful stickers on the windows. The store is much brighter and cleaner. There is even better access to more parking.

I can bear the smell of dogs and cats for a time if it means I get to see all of the fun animals.

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