“Thank U, Next” Review

As someone who has never sat down to listen to an Ariana Grande song let alone a whole album, I walked into this album with no expectations. I listened to the three singles released before the album but later listened to the whole album. So let’s talk about those three singles.


First to look at is “Imagine,” and this is a really bad start. It starts off with some of the most stereotypical trap melodies and the most basic lyrics composition I have probably ever heard before. The song is about an ideal relationship which is not a bad idea, but the melody and lyric delivery make it sound unoriginal.

The only redeeming aspect of this song is the outro with very fitting tuba in the background that adds to the atmosphere in a melodic and inventive way. But the outro consists of the repeated words “can you imagine?”

Overall the song was just ok. Once I got over the very stereotypical trap flow, the song was not that bad. It was just repetitive and that gets old in a few repeats.


The song “7 Rings,” is an interesting song, to say the least. The whole gist of the song is flexing on the poor. With lyrics describing her buying expensive items such as rings, earrings, and buying things for her friends.

The melody is simple with a very mellow but bubbly flow to it. The melody reflects a passive-aggressive attitude that Ariana’s vocals give off. The vocals are smooth and unchanging in any way, which I think really takes away potential in this song.

Overall I thought this song was mediocre. The melody is simple and effective. The vocals have a sassy but passive-aggressive attitude, which work in favor of the song’s melody. The lyrics are simple and predictable not to mention the chorus is repeatedly saying, “I want it, I got it.” The song sounds very average. There is nothing that stands out about it.


Lastly is “Thank U, Next,” which has themes of growth and an interesting ideology behind breakups. The song is about learning how to deal with people after a breakup, and being able to know whether it was a toxic relationship.

The melody is rather simple but matches the tone of the vocals. The melody offers a smooth bass accompanied by filtered effects to sound vintage. The vocals have a bit more variation which is an easy plus for this song’s credit.

I found the song to be a bit repetitive and the song lasts three minutes. There is clear potential in the formula Ariana uses, but for me, they are just a bit too repetitive and does not add any depth to a general idea.


The album has potential that the world has not seen before, but the potential is so swept up in modern gimmicks and trends that it loses all hope of being unique. Also, there is a large amount of cursing, which I found to be very contradictory of Ariana’s targeted audience: girls in their late teens to mid-twenties. She is supposed to appeal to a group of people in a positive way, not make her audience look bad.

Maybe I just do not understand her appeal, but her music speaks for itself. It’s subpar in every sense of the word.

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