Swimmers set records, advance to State

Swim State Qualifiers

On Saturday Feb. 2nd five members of the girls swim team qualified for state after finishing a 400 freestyle relay. On the day of the races, February 8th, the swim team broke two new records for Greenwood: 400 free relay, and 100 fly.

Junior Grace Nufher expressed her feeling about the previous year in the swim team.

“This is the first year we’ve gotten to state. Last year we didn’t have enough strength in numbers, which was what held us back from state. I felt like I was the leader of the five of us that made it to state, but I’m not trying to be cocky. I had the most events and was the captain.”

Sophomore Ava Leininger was injured for most of last season, which prevented her from qualifying. But this year she made it and she has some interesting thoughts on the team.

“I don’t think there’s a specific leader in the five us at all, everyone really pushes each other to push farther. I haven’t made it to state in high school before, because last year I had an injury. While preparing for state I always get lots of sleep and stretch a lot to be on the top of my game.”

Junior Rachel Knight shared some knowledge on how to keep everyone on the team ready for state.

“This was my first time getting into state, and for anyone who wants to get into state it takes a lot work and dedication. Another thing that is essential is knowing who on the team needs to be pushed so they can improve.”

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