Staffer reviews new pizza restaurant

Pepperoni pizza is without a doubt one of the greatest inventions that man has ever created, ever. That is why I am always excited to try a new pizza place whenever I hear about a new one opening.

 Agapé Pizza took over the building that was left vacant when the Papa Johns by the Greenwood Park Mall moved.

Pizza is an art, and Agapé Pizza is Pablo Picasso. When I walked I found myself in a pizza restaurant with only three tables and a bench. That does not stop them from making good pizza, though. When my friends and I looked at their menu, we were a bit in awe of how simple it was. They had two sizes, small and large, and two dough sizes, thin and pan. The small was 12 inches which is actually equivalent to a medium or larger for most pizza places, and the large was a whopping 16 inches. They have the usual variety of topping as well as sauces, but the aroma that the pizza produced as it cooked literally 10 feet away was pure beauty.

They invited me back to see the pizza being pulled from the oven and put in a box, and what I saw was nothing short of heaven. I could tell just from sight alone that this pizza was going to be delicious. There was a decent amount of cheese, sauce, and enough pepperonis for every bite.

We took it to one of the tiny tables, and they provided us with chairs. We dug in. It was love at first taste. The homemade sauce and mixed cheese blend with the perfectly texture dough and the pepperoni with every bite made it worthwhile.

Not only did it taste good going down, but it also made us feel good, because Agapé Pizza donates 5% of all sales to Tear Down The Walls, an organization that focuses on fighting the homeless epidemic in Indianapolis. This seemed really cool to me, as they were helping their community one bite at a time. They also told me how they deliver free pizzas to the homeless some nights which I thought was really cool.

The customer service overall was really great; they made sure we had chairs, drinks, and even helped us personally order our pizza.

“The hospitality they provided was really great,” junior Ivy Rimer said. “They provided us with silverware, grated parmesan cheese, crushed peppers, and were overall just really nice.”

Not only was the customer service great, but the pizza was also spectacular.

“The pan sized crust was perfect. It had the perfect texture and that is what makes it count,” senior Paul Lundgaard said. “They cooked the pizza perfectly from the cheese to the crust. It was slightly burnt and was just really nice and slightly crispy.”

I look forward to eating at Agapé Pizza again soon as the experience was just wonderful. For the time being, they are also giving away insulated bags to put the pizza box in for the ride home that can keep the pizza warm as if it just came out of the oven. I definitely recommend this place to anyone who enjoys pizza.

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