Long Car Survival Tips

A long car ride can be a struggle, so what should students do to prepare.

“Before we go on our trip, I always make sure to grab a pillow and blanket first. Then, I grab a journal. I have to listen to music on trips, but most importantly, I have to bring Oreos. I can’t go two hours without an Oreo,” freshman Jenna Armstrong said.

There are some foods that are an absolute necessity, too.

“I always bring junk food, just to munch on until we get wherever we are going. I bring Hot Cheetos always, then white chocolate covered pretzels, and most importantly I have to bring Oreos. I usually bring a drink that is half tea and half lemonade which is the most important part of the snack/drink portion of the trip,” Armstrong said.

When going on a trip, passengers have to do something to pass the time.

“When I go on trips and I’m not sleeping, I usually play music in the car and sing with my family, but mostly with my mom Mulanie. I listen to mostly Taylor Swift, Bhad Bhabie, and whatever is popular. Sometimes, I journal on my way to just write things that I have on my mind. I also bring Mad Libs because they are hilarious,” Armstrong said.

Watching movies is often a must on a road trip.

“I sleep most of the time so I won’t have to deal with other people because I get bothered really easily. When I’m awake, I watch movies on this really nice portable DVD player that my mom brings on vacation,” freshman Sam Fenner said.

Planning a trip and who is driving is important.

“Sleep schedule planning is very important. You have to know who is driving first, or whenever so they can either go to sleep earlier or later. If I know I have to drive first, then I’ll obviously go to bed earlier. Then, you obviously need good snacks that will get you along,” Mason Deal Science student teacher said.



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