Crew prepares for musical

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, the upcoming spring musical, is in full production.

“It is a little easier since the entire thing is music; there are around two spoken lines. Right now, we are hammering through music and blocking,” senior Jeffery Elsey, who plays Joseph, said.

Elsey hopes to surprise people with his performance.

“Not a lot of people know that I can sing,” Elsey said.

Rehearsals look different every day.

“Rehearsing can look different for anyone on any given day,” junior Luke Roscoe, who plays the Pharaoh, said. “Most of the time the cast will learn the songs first and then get the stage placement down later on. We will basically go through the actual scene and then try to perfect every aspect of the scene. This can take quite some time in order to be able to perform the scene without any thought as to what you are doing.”

Rehearsing provides a great opportunity for community.

“I am looking forward to the time I get to hang around with some of my closest friends,” Roscoe said. “The whole musical experience is a time of bonding between the cast members, and it is truly a loving atmosphere.”

Preparation for the musical is a challenging process.

“There is a lot of repetitive stuff but with variations,” Elsey said. “We are supposed to be off scripts, which is going okay.”

Though they are not always the stars of the show, understudies have a lot of responsibilities.

“As an understudy, not only do I have to make sure I know every single harmony, solo, choreography that the people I am understudying do, but I also have to know the parts I have to play as well,” junior Mystique Colon, understudy, said. “It is a lot of hard work in rehearsals and memorization, but it is also a great learning experience. Unfortunately as an understudy, I am not guaranteed the chance to actually display the hard work I do for the leads.”

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