Wrestlers Prepare for Sectional Meet

As the wrestling season nears it ends, they must prepare for Sectionals.

It is a big step going from middle school to high school varsity, for freshmen

“It is such a big step from going to middle school to high school, so I have to perform better in practice. The coaches have high expectations for me, and it’s a little harder this year from middle school where the opponents weren’t as strong. But, now I’m at a varsity level where people I face are stronger and more experienced than me. Although it’s hard I think that I can do it,” freshman Tyler Maxwell said.

The weight classes are hard even at a varsity level, but the wrestling Sectional will be harder.

“My weight class is hard enough as it is, my opponents are usually just really fast and strong, I’ve only beat two people in my Sectional, but the way the sectionals work is that it’s a team score. Whether you move up or not to Regionals is individual so the way the bracket works it might be in my favor so I will most likely have a first round bye. I think that I can do well regardless of the bracket,” Maxwell said.

Practicing to the fullest helps athletes get their edge on the opponents.

“During practices, it can go either way, some days it’s very fatiguing to go hard, and I just don’t feel to go hard but I go hard anyway despite what I feel that day because I know that if I go hard I will get an edge on my opponents in my Sectional,” Freshmen Cameron Beath said.

They have to go hard in order to reach victory in Sectionals.

“My individual sectional will go alright. There’s a lot of good teams in my sectional, but that’s just where I have to pick up the pace in practices and focus more on perfecting drills or moves that will help me win. When big meets come up, I usually go all out which I think has prepared me a lot for Sectionals, and the coaches have definitely made it to where we are prepared,” Beath said.

The team has high expectations compared to previous years.

“I feel like we will do pretty good overall. Compared to previous years, we are good, at least our coaches say. They said we just put a lot more effort than other years, which I feel is true because in practices we constantly put in effort to make ourselves better, especially now when we have Sectionals coming up,” freshman Ian Flowers said.

They haven’t had the greatest year, but they have high hopes.

“The team has about an equal record. We have won as many as we lost, but we’ve had some drawbacks that have stopped us from winning more matches. Some days, we wouldn’t give our full effort, tough meets, and days where we were off. The pace has picked up some so I think that our Sectionals will easier than previous meets,” Flowers said.

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