unique methods students make money

By Rheannah Hoover

Being a student generally means being poor since not many high school students have working experience. To get this experience, instead of targeting more traditional part-time jobs. They create their own miniature business.
“I buy and sell luxury clothes. So brands such as Supreme, Off-white, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, etc,” senior Cole Mahan said. “I have sold a variety of items from the before-mentioned brands. Not just clothes. I have sold anything from shirts to shoes and everything in between.”
Some students do not sell new clothes but instead they sell their old ones.
“I sell my clothes that I have either out grown or don’t wear anymore,” senior Emily Bonser. “I have an Instagram which is bonsers_closet.”
Selling clothes is not the only way students make money. Some sell their skills too.
“I haven’t made too much money. I’ve only made money from a wedding I photographed back in November,” senior Breiana Brown said. “If I were to take photos of someone else I would generally charge from 60 to 80 dollars depending on the photoshoot.”
Since these students are trying to make money themselves, they get to pick the prices of their goods and services.
“Every item is completely different to be honest,” Mahan said. “Sometimes, I’m just lucky to break even, and other times I sale items for as much as a 200 – 300 percent mark-up.”
In order to promote their businesses some of these students use websites.
“I sell through corporate supported websites such as Stockx, Grailed, and eBay,” Mahan said.
Brown relies in likes as advertising.
“I usually just post my stuff on Instagram,” Brown said. “I usually get around close to 100 likes on a photo.”
Each of the students have their own reason in why they took up this miniature business of their own.
“I was interested in high fashion, and I wanted a way to be able to afford the lofty prices,” Mahan said.
Inspiration is key when coming to art such as photography.
“I’ve been into photography for the longest time. My grandpa did senior photos, and watching him really inspired me. Social media also inspired me,” Brown said.
Some students have help from peers or friends to make their businesses better.
“My friends usually model for me to get experience so I can better myself before working with other people,” Brown said.

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