The Fountain Square Art Fair

Everywhere I turn, there is beauty, art, and inspiration.

On Sept. 15, I went to the Fountain Square  art fair. The place was packed, and there was no free parking anywhere near the event. My mother and I drove around in circles for 30 minutes, and we did not find a single spot. It did not help that there was construction all around the Fountain Square area. We drove down chilling, broken down alleyways and down random, scary, one-way roads. Half the city was under construction, while the other half brandished newly built, modern buildings.

As we drove around the same corner for the fifth time, we spotted someone pulling out. There was competition all around and many cars all trying to pull into the same spot. It didn’t help that my mom didn’t know how to parallel park. She was nervous as she moved the car back and forth attempting to parallel park. After a few anxious moments, we were finally in, and we were free to go explore the art fair.

Even though we had gotten the closest parking spot available, we were still fairly far away. On our walk, we saw some cute places. There was a vegan cafe and a cute little store selling pumpkins and treats. We walked into the art fair, and I was overwhelmed with how many people there were and especially shocked at the amount of art.

After a quick glance and a brief moment of being overwhelmed, it was time to take a closer look. I looked into a tent, and the first thing I saw was a huge photograph of a beautiful cliff over the ocean. I was so beautiful, and I began slowly to get even more excited to experience this fair. The day was remarkably hot and humid, but honestly I was too excited to care.

We spotted some ceramic artwork and decided to take a look. The couple selling the ceramic masterpieces had carved beautiful animals, figures, and designs onto large coffee and beer mugs. We thought my step-dad would like one of the mugs. It was brown and had interesting designs on it. With that, our first purchase of the day was made.

There were many more tents selling everything from crystals to clothing. About a third of the way through the tents, my mom and I found ourselves in a very cool tent with a man who was selling jewelry. He told us that his wife was from Colombia, and she collects jewels from her home country. After she finds the beautiful stones, she creates colorful, meaningful jewelry out of it. So much talent and persistence went into the littlest details on the jewelry, and it was very inspirational.

As we made our way through all the tents, we saw so many dedicated people who spent their lives working hard at what they love. We went into multiple tents with world traveling photographers and unbelievable photos. There were beautiful picture of everyday things, but the images that really stood out were the ones of dynamic sunrises that turned mountain ranges hues of neon orange, deep yellows and reds. There were pictures of nights with the brightest stars I had ever seen illuminating the streams and ponds below it. There were even images of tigers and other wild animals in their natural habitats.

There were paintings of all sizes, colors and types. Men and women of all ages displayed their talents. There were paintings that were so realistic they looked like photographs, and then there were cartoon-like paintings. We were getting towards the end of the tents when I saw this alluring painting of a parked car. However, the car wasn’t the cool part; it was what was above it. All the solar system’s planets brightly displayed in the sky above like stars in cartoon fashion.

By this point, we had seen nearly all there was to see. I was waiting to buy anything until the moment that something really struck me. We walked up to the last tent, and I was instantly drawn to a little painting. It was a cube of swirled paint within another larger black frame, nothing special. The swirls were shades of pink, gray, black, gold and white and looked like magma oozing around. The painting was the same colors as my room, so I picked it up, looked at the price tag, and in that moment, I decided it would be the perfect addition to my room. I walked up to the artist and purchased my first painting.

The Fountain Square art fair was one of the most beautiful and inspiring places I have ever been, and I will definitely be going to many more art fairs in the future.

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