SMAK club offers outlet

It is more than just smacking in SMAK club; this organization is actually a mixed martial arts team.

“SMAK Club stands for self-defense martial arts and kickboxing,” junior Brandon Black. “We do a lot of different things. Somedays, we focus on the martial arts portion, and somedays we focus on the kickboxing portion.”

SMAK Club is a combination of several types of self-defense and martial arts activities.

“It’s basically like a self-defense, kickboxing club, hosted by Josh. We work a lot of drills with the heavy bag and a lot of boxing,” junior Cecil Milligan said. “On Tuesdays and Thursdays, we go to the boxing room and work out.”

Although SMAK Club may not be the average high school club, it is like other clubs when it comes to joining.

“Anybody is welcome,” Josh Harmon said. “My condition is, if you can’t join if you’ve been written up for verbal or physical aggression.”

Team members agree on needing to be driven and earnest to be part of the team.

“Basically, anybody can join,” Milligan said. “They just have to be hard working and willing to put in a lot of work and sweat.”

The old quote, “when there is a will there is a way” is proven true for SMAK Club members.

“You just need to have the will and mental strength to push through,” Black said. “It’s not an easy thing. It’s tough. If you want to do it and have the will to do it, you’ll be fine.”

Many people confuse the SMAK Club as another, smaller independent wrestling team, but that is not a hundred percent true.

“It’s not necessarily the same,” Milligan said. “Right now, we are doing kickboxing. Later, we will be doing Muay Thai.”

There are many differences between wrestling and SMAK Club. These include rules and format.

“The difference between wrestling and smak club is the submissions,” Nurse Harmon said. “It’s just a few more elements to self-defense than wrestling. Mixed martial art depends on how you train. We don’t do competitions. But, if anyone wanted to get into MMA I will like to be the gate way for these kids to get into all these forms of martial arts for when they get older. It’s one of those sports you can do life long.”

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