Service Learning hosts Amazing Race

Going from country to country, kids ages 5-11 will experience different cultures and leave knowing more about the world’s diversity through the Amazing Race, an event hosted by Service Learning on Feb. 2.
“The Amazing Race is an event held at Greenwood High School where the elementary students from Isom, Westwood, Southwest and Northeast go from classroom to classroom and participate in diverse activities inspired by other countries around the world,” junior Lorelei Gilmore said.
This is free and meant to be a fun opportunity for the leaders of tomorrow to gain an understanding of different world cultures.
“We set up different stations for them to rotate through. Each station is a different country, and after teaching about the country, the students can do an activity related to that country and even eat some food from that country if the station has it,” junior Jasmin Nance said.
Students must express their creativity through their activities for the kids.
“Every country is unique. My friend, Alex Wilson, is making pizza for Italy and letting the kids dress up like mummies for Europe,” junior Julia Arruda said.
Nance is running the Greece station. Other club members are running stations and helping organize the event.
“I am coordination. I have to coordinate the time and date and make waivers, sign people in and get permission slips,” Arruda said.
This is just one of many events organized by Service Learning each year.
“We come up with projects each year to do and whoever thought of it wanted to do an educational project and thus came the Amazing Race,” Nance said.

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