Roundabout affects student drivers

Students are adjusting to the new traffic flow around Greenwood.

The roundabout at Smith Valley Rd. and Meridian St. recently opened, and GHS students are affected by the new traffic pattern, especially before and after school.

“The new roundabout is really helpful to me because it is on my way to school, so instead of having to take the long way like I was before, I can use the roundabout. I can leave my house later, or I have time to stop to get coffee or breakfast on the way to school, so it’s really nice,” senior Madison Hamilton said.

Not only does the roundabout have an effect on students before school but the students who leave in the middle of the day as well.

“The roundabout is helpful for us in PEER because when we have to go to schools like Isom and Northeast, taking the way of the roundabout is more helpful. Before it was opened, we had to discuss alternative ways to get to those schools with our class. Thankfully, it opened a week after we started going out, so it wasn’t much of an issue,” senior Jackson Griesemer said.

Internship and Business Co-op students are also affected.

“I like having the roundabout there because I like to stop for coffee at Dunkin’ Donuts before I go to my internship, and it is more accessible with the roundabout being open now,” senior Emily Bonser said.

While the roundabout is helpful, there have been complications.

“Sometimes, it gets frustrating, especially in the middle of the day because a lot of people don’t know how to use it correctly, so people get stuck in wrong lanes or try to turn left on 31 from the west side of Smith Valley. Cops have been diligent with pulling people over, though, so I think that has really helped with regulating the traffic,” Bonser said.

The set-up of the roundabout is unique from any other in Greenwood, so people are learning. New student drivers are thankful that they are learning the ropes of the roundabout.

“I have my permit and get my license next week, and I am really happy that I got to practice on the roundabout before I’m driving on my own. People who had their licenses before having to each themselves how to use it, but all of us new drivers will use it well because we aren’t stuck in the habit of anything different,” sophomore Nick Belovic said.

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