Retro things making a return

Old TV shows, clashing color schemes, and record collecting, these things have been slowly making a comeback. But why is that?
Senior Noah Pratt is an avid wearer of retro clothes and shoes.
“I go to Goodwill and see what really stands out. I think that everyone wears the same hoodies and shoes. I just like to stand out from everyone else. There’s really nothing more to it,” he said.
Junior Jacob Reagan is an active photographer who likes to do things a little different from the average photographer. He has some insight into the phenomena.
“I think it’s really cool to take Polaroid pictures, but the film is way too expensive. I also collect records too. I think its sound is really cool. I think that those old kind of things are just a lot of fun to do,” He said
Junior Alyssa Stilley has been collecting an assortment of retro things since she was young.
“I have older clothes because they look like mom clothes, as I like to call them. When I was younger, I was given hand-me-downs, and that kind of fashion has grown on me. I do collect records because they look cool,” she said

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