Public library gives incentive for community to read

Reading opens the imagination to new worlds, and the Greenwood Public Library (GPL) hopes to bring one of those worlds to reality.

The local library is hosting a winter reading program for adults and students of all ages. If the Greenwood community reads and reports a total of 15,000 hours, the library will hold a Renaissance Fair in the spring.

“The Renaissance Fair they are doing is not like a little, dinky Renaissance fair,” Mrs. Amy Kendall, English teacher, said. “There are professionals coming in. Anything you experience that people are passionate about and know how to do right is really amazing.”

Logging hours for the program is simple. Readers register by going to gpl.readsquared.com, and whenever a user reads for a certain amount of time, he can log the hours in on the website.

“It is nice that they have the online portal so you don’t have to remember how many minutes you read each day and log it on paper,” Mrs. Kendall said.

While reading for school can sometimes seem monotonous, students are encouraged to read what they want outside of school while participating in the GPL program.

“Reading has so many benefits mentally, and it encourages memory,” Ms. Emily Ellis, GPL librarian, said. “It does not take a lot, 20-30 minutes a day to sit down; give yourself something that you want to read so it is a luxury, a recreational activity and something that you want to read.”

Not only is reading beneficial, it can increase people’s quality of daily life.

“I think sometimes we get so engrossed in our daily grind during the school year that we forget reading can be a part of that,” Mrs. Julia Reynolds, GHS media specialist, said. “Reading can sometimes relax us or give us a break, and it is just important during the school year as it is during the summer. It does not have to be only something you do on a break; you can do it any time and make it a part of your normal life.”

The fair is not only for personal benefit; the goal is to bring the community of Greenwood together.

“GPL believes that a community that reads is a community that has the tools to succeed and thrive,” Ms. Ellis said.

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