New impressive cookie dough store at the mall

Perfectly scooped balls of various, mouthwatering cookie dough flavors lay inside a new shop in the Greenwood Park Mall.

I spotted this gem while Christmas shopping last month and immediately wanted to get some Dough Life cookie dough for my best friend, Anna Lowe, who is a cookie dough fanatic. I walked into this spacious shop and sampled almost every flavor. I expected to love the flavor Americano because it is coffee and Nutella, but I did not care for it in the slightest bit. The flavor I got was called Tuxedo. Tuxedo is an Oreo cookie flavor. I could not decide on this flavor or King Caramel, and I think that flavor is self-explanatory. Anna got the original cookie dough flavor, chocolate chip, and she thought it was to die for but not better than her personal favorite cookie dough, chocolate chip Rocket Chip cookie dough.

The prices at this shop are amazing, ranging from three dollars to six dollars, and the staff puts piles on piles of cookie dough in each cup. Dough Life gives customers more bang for their buck. The trip to Dough Life was well worth it. I might just be saying that because I have an affinity for cookie dough and even eat it raw, but the cookie dough is freshly rolled in front of customers. It is a beautiful sight and does not involve consuming raw eggs. The dough is super smooth.

Get amazing edible cookie dough from Dough Life in Greenwood Park Mall. It is in the store where Teavana was previously located and across the hall from the old Starbucks. Head to Dough Life for amazing and cheap cookie dough that is safe to consume.

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