New coaches bring change to football team

Major changes are in store for the football team as long-tenured coaches leave.

Coach Jerrod Watson and Coach Rick Guipe are leaving. Coach Guipe has a 30-year coaching career, including 19 at GHS.

“I am going to miss the guys I coached with tremendously, seeing them every day,” Coach Guipe said. “I am going to miss the guys I coached tremendously, and I am definitely going to miss getting ready for those big games. Sitting down on a Saturday morning and preparing is something I’ll miss.”

Meanwhile, Coaches Brad Clark, Doug Raker and Kyle Nixon are stepping up.

“I’m so excited for my senior season to play with some of my closest friends and teammates,” junior Joe Bassler, linebacker, said. “With coaches like Kyle Nixon stepping up, we can really connect with him because he’s closer to our age and he has really been helping us this off-season.”

Coach Nixon, a graduate of GHS, has been a motivator this off-season.

“He has motivated me and pushed me to my limit every day,” sophomore Michael Loper, defensive back, said. “Because of that, I know I am better due to coaches like him and all the other coaches.”

With changes coming, players are just excited to improve over last season.

“I think the most exciting change about next year is how the new coaches are changing things around,” sophomore Landon Wood, defensive lineman, said. “With after-school workouts almost every day and the hard work we put in, it’s going to be cool to see how our team transitions to the fields next year.”


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