“Keep moving forward, and if it is time to go, it is time. nothing lasts forever” -Stan Lee

The late Stan Lee, who died Monday, filled the hearts of readers and moviegoers with decades of lessons and joy, so much so that his legacy will last forever.

Stan Lee was known all over the world as the creator of some of the Marvel Universe characters we all know and love to this day such as Iron Man, Spider Man, the Incredible Hulk and Black Panther.

Lee was responsible for many changes in the Marvel industry and for the creation of a few of their biggest and most widely known characters. He changed the way the company functioned in some aspects, one of those being creator-credits in Marvel’s comic book output. Before then, Marvel would not include creator credits in their comic books, readers would be forced to memorize art styles and signatures to be able to tell which creator made what.

According to the Hollywood reporter, this major change humanized Marvel and made the creators come to life just as much as the colorful characters they created. It revolutionized the company and made them stand out against the more popular companies, helping Marvel to become what we all know it as today.

Lee shattered the barrier between reader and creator in a way that no one else had before him. He made the staff more than just a mysterious entity, he made them people, names on a page that could be observed and modeled after, and for some children, they would become models more so than the characters themselves.  He created an image that every creator had, that they were people, just like everyone else and that they weren’t superhuman.

Lee was already in his mid-life when he became the CEO of the famous comic book company, Marvel. He was the co-creator of the company and took credit for it and most of the characters that he also co-created.

Every Marvel movie there has been has Stan Lee in it doing something silly to mark it as a Marvel production, just in case you missed the beginning Marvel logo. In every movie he is seen doing something different, whether it be watering his garden or yelling at a kid from his window.

Stan Lee was an amazing man who will be remembered for generations to come through the movies and comics he and the Marvel staff created. He will be sorely missed but happily remembered.

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