Graduation requirements change

The state of Indiana is taking steps to restructure the paths students will take to graduation; this means change at GHS.

“The state is changing the goals that students will need to hit to graduate,” Mrs. Lisa Laug, counselor, said. “This change is going to take effect next year for the current eighth graders, but the state has said we actually can implement this to current students. However, we are only using this system for seniors this year if they already fit the criteria for graduation. This has helped some students get on track for graduation that wouldn’t otherwise.”

This change will require completion of three different categorical milestones.

“To graduate, students will need to earn their credits toward their diploma, complete experiences that show employability skills, and show they are ready for life post-high school. We already complete the second category with our senior project, and most students will fulfill the final category by taking the SAT, ACT, ASVAB or C9,” Mrs. Laug said.

Students will benefit from this change in some ways.

“It gives students many more options to students,” Mr. Todd Garrison, principal, said. “This change is going to give many new pathways for students to take on their way to graduation.”

Mrs. Laug explained why some students have been introduced to this new path.

“ISTEP is a main factor in some students’ graduation,” Laug said. “If students don’t pass ISTEP, we would have to apply for a waiver, and that could be a difficult process. These new requirements take away the stress of ISTEP and limit the time spent out of the classroom. ISTEP takes away focus on learning and puts pressure towards a test.”

Mr. Garrison does see future changes in schedules.

“What we have seen is that these new requirements will create pathways that students can take if they find one they like,” he said. “This means that if students can do well in their pathways, they will not have to take any of those big tests like the SAT or ASVAB. It allows us to be more calculating with the schedules. We are in great shape because we already try to get kids on those paths, but now they will be further rewarded for their efforts.”

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