Gamers strategize every Tuesday

It’s an average Tuesday afternoon, where all kinds of people flood into Mr. Cruze’s room. You can hear all sorts of different games being played as well as the phrases with them, such as, “you activated my trap card” or “Uno”. Chess and Gaming Club meets every Tuesday after school.

Anyone wanting to join Chess and Gaming Club is welcome as they have all sorts of games for everyone.

“I think a lot of people believe that we just play a lot of basic games, like Clue or Uno, but we play all kinds of games from cooperative games to strategy to turn dungeons and dragons,” Mr. Christian Cruze, sponsor, said. “So if you are thinking about joining, just join, it is really a lot of fun.”

Freshman Dylan Challman is new to Chess and Gaming Club this year, but that doesn’t stop him from challenging the veterans.

“I don’t do as well the first time playing a new game,” he said. “But if I play it again after playing it the first time, I have something down to help me get an advantage or that I know can win.”

Chess and Gaming Club can be a great way to meet new people and experience being a part of a club.

“I’m just kind of here to experience school and live life I guess,” freshman Thomas Lee said. “I have been homeschooled for the past three years basically, and this just kind of helps me figure things out.”

Spending times with friends and creating memories is a big benefit of joining the club.

“Being able to create a lot of memories is something that I am definitely able to gain from being part of Chess and Gaming Club,” Challman said. “I’m also able to hang out with a lot of my friends that I normally am not able to spend time with because I don’t have any classes with them.”

Students are able to bring their own games from home as well as their own trading card game decks to battle other players.

“We have lots of games and lots of people here that want to play games no matter the game,” Challman said, “and even if we don’t have games you like, you can bring your own from home, and you can usually find someone to play with you.”

Lee is competitive when it comes to board games.

“When it comes to physical things, I am not very competitive, but when it comes to all these different kinds of games, especially when it becomes complicated like magic spells and all different kinds of complicated things like that,” Lee said, “I really like to get into it and get very competitive sometimes.”

Chess and Gaming Club is a great way for someone to have fun and play games with others.

“If you are looking for some fun just come on and play here, have fun,” Lee said. “Figure out what you want to do. We have something for everyone. Sometimes, we get complicated and play like Dungeons and Dragons or other times we will just play Uno.”

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