Eyelashes are more popular than ever

Gluing eyelashes to natural eyelashes has been an off-and-on trend for years. But in the past year, eyelash extensions have become increasingly more popular than ever.

I went to Bare Wax and Spa to see how eyelash extensions work. Bare Wax and Spa is located at 916 E Main, which is near the intersection of Main St. and Emerson in the shopping mall behind Arby’s.

If the client comes into the studio wearing makeup, the professional starts the process by asking the client to wash her face. Mascara breaks the bond between glue and the lashes, so removing it is important. The client then lays on a table under a spotlight. The professional puts a cool gel pads underneath the eyes and tapes them down. The professional then tapes down the bottom lashes to ensure they do not stick together during the process. It is possible to get the bottom lashes done as well, but they do not stay well. Most people simply have their top lashes done.

The professional then separates out the client’s eyelashes. Separation is key. Once the eyelashes are separated, then the professional takes single fake eyelashes from a pallet that is velcroed on her hand wrap. She takes the fake eyelash and dips it into a ring that holds a special glue. She places the fake eyelash on the real eyelash she has separated from the others. The goal is to extend all of these lashes. Through the process, she brushes each eyelash with a spoolie to keep them from sticking together.

Lash extensions are not unhealthy. The lashes are glued on to the real lash and not the actual eyelid. If these lashes were glued onto the lid, then they could irritate the eyes because they could prevent the natural lash from growing in.

Natural lashes have a natural cycle, so they shed about every two weeks, and that is how often clients need to get refills on their lashes. Obviously, the fake lashes glued to the real lashes would shed every two weeks, too.

When the extensions are finished, the professional puts a fan up to the lashes for five minutes. The glue essentially acts like an M&M. It hardens on the outside but is soft on the inside. Although the salon hardening time is only five minutes, the glue actually takes four hours to dry totally, so clients should not get them wet or apply mascara for that amount of time. When the lashes do dry, they are completely durable; people can swim in them. Appointments for lash extensions last about two hours and cost $120.

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