Entrance to get a face lift

The Greenwood administration is making strides to make GHS the best school possible. In order to continue improving, the front door entrance to the school is getting a makeover this summer.

“We have constantly been trying to update our facilities,” Dr. Kent DeKoninck, superintendent, said. “The entrance to our building is old and dated, so we plan on tearing it down and rebuilding it in order to beautify the front of the school.”
One reason for the update is increased safety and security.
“There is going to be a door that leads straight into the office from the foyer,” Mr. Todd Garrison, principal, said. “This door is going to increase visibility to see incoming guests and removes the chance that we lose people through the main doors. It adds an extra layer of security. There has also been problems with leaking, which is also causing us to replace concrete. Instead of constantly repairing it, we plan on totally rebuilding.”
Visibility is also a key update coming with the update.
“With the update, we are also adding LED lights to the entrance to make it brighter and safer,” Mr. Garrison said. “And, we are going to update the lights in the front courtyard to make that area brighter. Obviously, the brighter these places are, the safer they are.”
Some students say this update could have a positive impact on the school and even have suggestions.
“This could be a really cool thing,” senior Hunter Ross said. “They should also add in more plant life to the entrance. I don’t think they should do anything super elaborate. GHS has a really simple theme, and I don’t think a huge entrance would be suiting.”
The construction will not take place this school year.
“We don’t want to disrupt school at all, so we are going to wait until the summer to do this,” Dr. DeKoninck said. “We know we are losing the front entrance to the school, but we are only expecting it to take a few weeks.”

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