Does Kahoot help students prepare?

As test days come around, many classrooms use Kahoot. Kahoot is a website that presents a multiple choice question and puts it on a time limit so students can prepare on their phones with content from the test. Recently, there has been a debate between students as to whether or not this website helps them prepare at all.

During finals week, many classes used Kahoot, and I thought it was a big help. Many times, the questions are exactly the questions that are going to be on the test, and particularly for finals, many times the tests are multiple choice. If Kahoot is multiple choice and so is the test, this would be a perfect simulation to what students would be experiencing, especially if the questions are the same. With a time limit, Kahoot presents the same pressure situation as taking a big exam.

One of the downsides to Kahoot is that it is on a phone or computer, and that is nothing like a test. I understand that, but there will never be a way to simulate perfectly the experience of a pencil and paper test. Mostly what Kahoot does is allow students to get a good understanding of what will be on the test and to know what they need to study. For example, if a student does poorly on a certain area of Kahoot, this student would know exactly what he/she needed to study for the test. If a student was not expecting there to be so much of a certain section of material on the test and there is a lot of that on the Kahoot, he/she will be able to prepare.

For me personally, I simply learn better from Kahoot. Instead of trying to cram something into my head by reading or using a study guide, I like to see something in front of me and be able to prepare using a multiple choice format that is similar to what is on many tests. Mostly, my favorite part about Kahoot is the way it keeps you engaged through fun graphics and colors and keeps the students intrigued the whole way through.


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