Does Kahoot benefit students?

“Don’t start yet; I am still trying to connect to the wifi.” This statement rings through the classrooms shortly after students realize they are playing Kahoot.

Although there is a sigh of relief among some because they know they will not have to take notes, a whole new annoyance is created: getting online. Many students have trouble getting service in the school, making an online game extremely difficult. A game that did not require students to use the internet would be much more dependable and efficient.

After the 20 minutes it takes for everyone to get online, Kahoot can be beneficial; however, the students have to be willing. Many see it as a free period to talk with their friends. They will simply log in to the game and then forget about it the rest of the period because in their minds, talking is a much better use of their time. Whether students are talking, playing games on their phones or frantically finishing homework due the next period, few actually pay attention the entire time.

Another issue is whether students actually learn from the game. Unlike other review games, students are unable to mark questions they get wrong. Kahoot simply moves on. Also, students do not have access to the game after they play the one time in class; it is a one and done type of game. Students will often get questions wrong, grumble about going down in score and then forget about it. The way the game is set up, students do not have time to note the topic they missed. Kahoot simply shows students what they already know and it does not help with what they still need to learn. The few students who do write the questions they got wrong still do not take in account the questions they guessed on. Students will assume that if they get a question correct, they know it; however, due to the fact that Kahoot is set up in multiple choice form and takes into account answer time, students will often guess and then assume they know it.

Although Kahoot allows students a period to not take notes, there are many other routes that are much more beneficial for studying.

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