Basketball can not fill freshman squad

The girls basketball program has a JV team and a varsity team, but the program has no freshman team.

“The main part is we don’t have enough girls,” Varsity Player senior Bailee Taft said.

Freshman Lauren Pritchett believes having a freshman team with such low numbers wouldn’t be beneficial at all.

“We don’t have many freshmen and I think that the freshmen have a good enough skill set that we should all be playing JV.” Pritchett said

The freshman girls who do join are put on the junior varsity or varsity teams due to a complete lack of numbers. However, if the team did acquire the needed number of girls, the team would be created.

“I think that would be very beneficial. Kids coming in as freshman will play against some of the kids they’ve played against before but again, it’s a number game and if you have enough kids to do it, you most certainly can.” Coach Justin Bennett said.

There are many benefits to having a freshman team in the girls basketball program. The benefits to the players are clear to Taft.

“Each player gets to develop more, and some aren’t ready for the next level and so they can get better and improve,” Taft said.

The program did have a freshman team last year.

“I think it’s very useful. The girls got to play more with players their age,” said Taft.


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