“Keep moving forward, and if it is time to go, it is time. nothing lasts forever” -Stan Lee

The late Stan Lee, who died Monday, filled the hearts of readers and moviegoers with decades of lessons and joy, so much so that his legacy will last forever. Stan Lee was known all over the world as the creator of some of the Marvel Universe characters we all know and love to this day… Continue reading “Keep moving forward, and if it is time to go, it is time. nothing lasts forever” -Stan Lee


Roundabout affects student drivers

Students are adjusting to the new traffic flow around Greenwood. The roundabout at Smith Valley Rd. and Meridian St. recently opened, and GHS students are affected by the new traffic pattern, especially before and after school. “The new roundabout is really helpful to me because it is on my way to school, so instead of… Continue reading Roundabout affects student drivers


Editorial: Lanyards for identification, not protection

If the school wants safety, they are going to have to invest. Students around the school have heard rumors that we soon will be required to wear our school-issued identification cards on lanyards each day to increase school safety. Concerns about the practicality of this have risen. One idea to understand about these lanyards is… Continue reading Editorial: Lanyards for identification, not protection


SMAK club offers outlet

It is more than just smacking in SMAK club; this organization is actually a mixed martial arts team. “SMAK Club stands for self-defense martial arts and kickboxing,” junior Brandon Black. “We do a lot of different things. Somedays, we focus on the martial arts portion, and somedays we focus on the kickboxing portion.” SMAK Club… Continue reading SMAK club offers outlet


Graduation requirements change

The state of Indiana is taking steps to restructure the paths students will take to graduation; this means change at GHS. “The state is changing the goals that students will need to hit to graduate,” Mrs. Lisa Laug, counselor, said. “This change is going to take effect next year for the current eighth graders, but… Continue reading Graduation requirements change


Basketball can not fill freshman squad

The girls basketball program has a JV team and a varsity team, but the program has no freshman team. “The main part is we don’t have enough girls,” Varsity Player senior Bailee Taft said. Freshman Lauren Pritchett believes having a freshman team with such low numbers wouldn’t be beneficial at all. “We don’t have many… Continue reading Basketball can not fill freshman squad


The Fountain Square Art Fair

Everywhere I turn, there is beauty, art, and inspiration. On Sept. 15, I went to the Fountain Square  art fair. The place was packed, and there was no free parking anywhere near the event. My mother and I drove around in circles for 30 minutes, and we did not find a single spot. It did… Continue reading The Fountain Square Art Fair


Winter guard competes

Fifty-five guard groups were supposed to toss rifles, swing flags and perform choreography for an audience full of hundreds of strangers at the annual Greenwood Winter Guard Invitational last Saturday. But, the competition was cancelled due to the winter storm that swept across Indiana Instead, Winter Guard members must focus on their next competition. Winter… Continue reading Winter guard competes