Preaching Experience


One of the scariest nights of my life, but gave me one of the best experiences.

On Sept. 12, I was at my church, Liberty Tabernacle,  preparing my sermon. Anxiously looking through my notes, I was shaking badly. As they were singing the songs, I was pacing back and forth just thinking of the right words to say and not to screw up. I had to walk up on the platform, knowing it was only five minutes before I had to preach. I got the chance to preach because I’ve known my pastor ever since I was born and he’s been a second father to me.

My pastor, Brian Lane, introduced me to the pulpit. It was my time to preach in front of 200 people all staring at me. I was beyond nervous. I spoke to everyone, telling them my name. I gave a message about disciple making and what God can do for them, how that with God they can influence people. I swayed back and forth, stuttered almost every sentence. I finally got to the conclusion of my message, and the crowd responded with praises and claps.

I was relieved that it was over, but I wasn’t completely done, I had to sit down in front of everyone while my pastor finished of the service with his sermon. All my friends were staring at me while I sat up there. Near the end, the whole pastoral staff congratulated me on my sermon and walked off.

After service, all my friends walked up to me telling me I did good job, and what I can work on, such as  extend the message a little longer and, be firm in my words. On my way home, my mom was telling me what she learned from the message and how powerful it was to the church, just a little short. She high-fived me and said she was proud.

When I was preaching, I had such a hard time focusing on what to say; all the people scared me because all their attention was on me. Now, I know what to do better, like not be so nervous, use more words and extend the message. I was still happy with what I had done.

One of the scariest experiences of my life, but gave me the best feeling I’ve ever had in a long time.

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