I changed my eyes

All I wanted to do is enjoy the game, but all the upperclassmen gave me a weird look.

On a Friday night, my friend and I were getting ready to go to a football game at Decatur Central Highschool. The theme was superhero. I got all of my green gear on. I was Green Lantern. After the costume, next were the eyes, and no I was not doing my makeup. I was changing my actually eyeballs.

From a light blue to an electric green, I was looking so cool in my contacts. I got all of my belongings and headed out to the car. After a whopping 45-minute car ride, I was ready to go watch some Woodmen football.

When I got out of the car, my electric green eyes hit the sun, and everyone gasps. “Can you see out of those?” “Do you even where prescription contacts?” “Are those bad for your eyes?” I was being harassed with questions.

We arrived to the stands where my face hit the light even more, and every single one in the stands gave me a weird look. I got compliments and complaints. “Emma, I swear if you look at me one more time I’m going to kick you!” “Omg! You look so good!” Once the initial shock was over, people started thinking it was cool.

I took lots of pictures with my friends and had a good time even though some of the seniors gave me a “look.” When I got back to my friend’s house after the game I took out my contacts and thought about how weird I felt just because I changed my eye color and how awkward and insecure people must feel about features they’re not proud of.

Throughout the night, it felt good to change my eyes for a while and see the reaction of all of my friends, whether they were good or bad, but I’m really happy I have light blue eyes.



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