Driving and kids don’t mix


I slammed my foot down on the gas, and the car speed off into the empty parking lot.

My mom pulled into the empty parking lot paranoid and nervous with letting me drive her car. I don’t understand why because she doesn’t have a very nice car so it wouldn’t matter if I dented it.

My mom and I switched seats, and she told me that I don’t have to press on the pedals that hard because they are touchy but I wasn’t really listening. I was just so excited to be able to drive, and I started to think about when I turn 16 and have the freedom of driving. I can’t wait to be able to drive myself and not worrying about finding a ride.

Finally, my mom finished giving her car rules speech. I snapped back into reality. She taught me how to change gears, hold on the break, press the button, and pull the lever to the symbol. I was so ready to drive, and I wasn’t thinking so I slammed my foot on the gas and took off.

My mom flew back in her seat yelling at me to brake. I slammed my foot on the brake causing us to get thrown back by the sudden stop.

My mom started scolding me saying that she told me I didn’t have to press on the pedal that hard and I was lucky we were not going towards anything or else I would have crashed into something. I tried going straight again, not pressing all the way down on the gas pedal and going slow.

I got the hang of driving pretty quickly. We were only in an empty parking lot so it wasn’t that hard. I practiced driving straight by following the lines through the parking spots. I turned around medians and light poles.

The only problem I had was turning. When I am in the passenger seat when my mom is driving, it severely annoys me when people turn at one mile per hour, so I don’t want to be that driver. When I would turn, I wouldn’t slow down all the way, and I would completely whip the car around the corner.

I turned the corner and completely ran over the curb. My mom let out a little scream because she thought I actually ran over an animal or something. She told me I need to slow down and turn gently and not whip the car around the corner like I am drag racing.

Overall, I think I am ready to be driving and on the road.

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