Playing Drums at Church

Boom, crash, bang, the drums go on a warm Sunday afternoon.

At Greenwood Christian Church, I signed up to play drums for the youth service recently. The church in general is a good size church, but the youth service brings in 30-50 people depending on the weekend.

My first week playing was pretty stressful. I had always played drums for about six years and had just wanted to use my ability to put it with music for people.

I was playing with fellow classmate Cooper Davis, and that was nice to have a person who I knew so I wasn’t as nervous. The songs were pretty simple, and I have played in front of more than 200 people before, but as a first-time experience, it was still scary to jump into.

Practice for the week was held on Wednesday. I was nervous to play in front of some people who I had never seen before. After the run though of the songs. it was nice to hear from my peers that I did really well and that they were glad I was doing it. I knew that I would be fine after that Wednesday rehearsal.

When Sunday came around, I was pretty excited to play. Notre Dame beat Michigan in football, and it was a great day to be alive. I arrived at 8 to begin the practice and set up to get everything ready for the service for middle school.

Once I got up onto the stage, I was really just in the moment. It was great to hear the crowd clap and enjoy in singing the songs. It was really fun to hear the music come together as one and hear everyone in the moment and playing for the people who decided to come spend their own time on Sunday with us.

Now it was time for the high school service. It was more nervous because everyone I knew was going to come. My friends were really excited to hear me play with the band, and it was nice to be able to play well.

The service went great, and it was very rewarding to hear all the “good jobs” from the friends who went. It was such a fun experience to go through and be able to perform for people.

Overall I am glad I had my experience and glad I got to have fun with some of the people who I can play with.






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