My great cooking skills

Recipes, ingredients, and now I was ready to prepare a dinner my family would love.

I’ve always seen my mom cook for my family, so I wanted to have the experience to cook for my family. I was looking for some recipes online that I could cook for my family, I found the perfect recipe.

I love Chinese food, and so does my family. That’s when I decided I should try making Chinese food for dinner.

I wrote down the ingredients I needed to make the dinner, and I asked my mom to take me to Walmart to buy the stuff I needed. I was already excited to cook while we were paying.

When I got home, I followed each step on making the food. I made white rice, lo mein, teriyaki chicken, and orange chicken.

While I was sizzling the chicken on the oil, I was making the lo mein and rice. I was having a bit of trouble, but I never gave up trying to make a great dinner.

When the chicken was ready, I sauced it up with the teriyaki and orange flavored sauce. Now, I was ready to call down my family for dinner.

I served the Chinese food on their plates, while I was there waiting for a response. My family loved it, and they said it was amazing.

It was a great experience cooking for my family for the first time. I had some trouble cooking, because it was difficult to keep the warm food and making sure the food had an amazing flavor. So I had the stove on low and kept the food there so it would stay warm until everything was ready to eat.

Cooking is definitely a skill I love to do, and I can’t wait to cook more.

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