Maroooon 5


For the first time ever, I didn’t have to worry about saying stupid stuff.

So it’s Sept. 20th and 5 pm I’m currently on Samuel Fenners couch, waiting anxiously for Sam to come home. I was having that feeling where i was so excited I just can’t sit down or sit still, that’s me right now. As both of them arrive, we get our stuff and head into a minivan that’s older than all the kids in the car, nice, gray and comfortable , with 4 crazy and excited teenagers. Sam me Charlie and sam’s girlfriend madison ( Ex now but i’m not gonna get into that ), not awkward at all.

So we head into the stadium all cool and air conditioned, the stadium is full of people, mostly Teenage girls wanting to see Adam Levine. The vibe for the stadium was incredible we got there early but as everyone started filling into the stadium all 4 of us were standing and yelling and having fun and the concert hadn’t even started yet.

I never really understood the phrase “Dance like no one’s watching” until me and Charlie Brooks were dancing with a group of guys and girls like we were in our rooms alone and jamming out, no matter how tired we got we were smiling and just go away from the world in that stadium with 15,000 people.

After what felt like forever Maroon 5 started to play a slow song. Now my girlfriend wasn’t there ( she was already asleep “surprisingly” ) so naturally i had to go with my best friends sam and charlie, and the night was so fun and carefree we started yelling “I love you”  to each other and proceed to make our friendships very close.

After the slow songs they made a special shout out to Adam Levine’s daughter she was turning 2 amd everyone is the stadium just screamed and roared with excitement, we didn’t even know one thing about this little girl butjst the fact that it was her birthday made everyone so happy.

After the concert was over i realized life was short and that i needed to go out more and have more fun with my friends and enjoy life more and not to stress as much. The next time i get a chance to go out i’m going to and i’m going to have the time of my life like  i did at the concert.

Life is good and so are concerts


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