This year’s Irish Guard

This year the Irish Guard takes on the character Charlie Chaplin; they get to show their goofy sides to the world.

“You’re going to see individuals dress up as Charlie Chaplin,” Mrs. Pam Wishmeyer guard coach, said, “So you’re going to see them go in and out of character.”

The Irish Guard is full of hardworking students from all grades.

“They learn how to spin a flag, they learn how to spin a rifle, they can spin sabers,” Mrs. Whishmeyer said. “They’re also proficient in dance, and then it’s combining those together being able to work with the rifle or the saber or flag and dance at the same time. But also it’s theatrics. They’ve got to be able to communicate with the audience, being able to express themselves while telling a story.”

The guard meets up every day to practice their routines to make them perfect for their performances.

“We practice every day until 4 or 5 p.m.,” senior Lexi Cunningham said. “It’s a lot of work and a lot of time to put into this show. It’s no messing around; we’ve got a lot to do.”

The girls find the Chaplin theme this year fun and exciting.

“It’s really upbeat and fun,” Cunningham said. “And its different from other shows I’ve done before, I’ve got a good feeling that this show is one to remember. The show is about Charlie Chaplin and how he did all this fun in all his movies. The guard is supposed to be the visual to the music because Chaplin only did silent films. One in each group gets to play a Charlie Chaplin.”

The Irish Guard is an organization made for dancers who like props and costumes.

“We’re mainly a dance base with equipment like flags, rifles, and the sabers,” junior Kristin Sawin said. “It’s a class in seventh period so were are working on it every single day even if we don’t have practice.”

The Irish Guard has made a family of friends by being together.

“I spoke to a former guard member who graduated many years ago just yesterday. She wishes she could come back and relive it again because of it wonderful memories.” Mrs. Wishmeyer said.

The guard have become extremely close that they spend time together even when they are not practicing or performing.

“We’re always hanging out with each other. We’re always saying that if we quit we wouldn’t have any friends,” Sawin said. “Because all of our friends are there, so we are very close to each other. We go to haunted houses together, we have bonfires together, and we go to Denney’s after every football game we are performing at.”

The Guard has already worked hard just for their fall season with the marching band.

“We are currently in our fall season so we’re working on the same show, Charlie, and we will be doing that until the beginning of November,” Sawin said.

Soon, the girls will be working of their winter season routines.

“We’ve gotten a lot more comfortable with our new staff from last year,” Sawin said. “So, we’re expecting to get top three in State finals.”

A main goal of the guard is to compete in Dayton, Ohio this season.

“This is going to be one of the years we are going to be entering to some national competition.” Mrs. Wishmeyer said. “And the girls are going to be competing out of state in Dayton; that’s one of our high goals.”

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